Executive TRAYblecloth

One of 4 versions of the TRAYblecloth, for a clean organized space while flying.  Clear document pocket on tray surface to protect documents while having a drink.  Small and large pockets for personal items.  

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Activity Sheets

Our colorful Activity Sheets are meant to be used with both the Kids TRAYblecloth as well as the Kids TravelDoodle.  They are fun, free and downloadable.

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Activity Sheets.   

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Kids TRAYblecloth

The airplane tray cover that protects from  flu and cold germs,  organizes toys and books, and turns the tray table into a game board to entertain your child while flying!

    Kids TravelDoodle

Double-sided tote with a magnetic dry erase board inside. 4 clear zippered pockets to store markers and magnetic pieces.  Clear, erasable game window on flip side to insert game sheets, played again and again with dry erase markers. 

      Doggie Doo Right 

The eco-friendly bag dispenser that goes on a dog's leash or collar, and holds any type of small plastic bags for one more use -  to pick up dog waste.   Holds up to 10 small bags at a time.

        The SackPack 

Shopping Cart Tote & Caddy makes it easy to bring your own bags from home,  in one easy-to-carry,  organized tote.  Gives you and your loved ones a clean handlebar to grab.   Large zip pocket for wallet,  keys,  phone while shopping.